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Minecraft: Skyblock 2018(LAGFREE)Update 1.3 Bedrock Edition Map W/ Download(#Astroexp)

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Hey guys it's DanRobzProbz here and this is my most up to date skyblock map for the bedrock edition, this map has been updated so many times now by me...
This is the LAGFREE EDITION, So many people are having issues with lag, so I've made a lagfree edition for the people having problems!
I'm guessing its for older devices...


Anyways, so this update will be the last I promise.
(apart from the Lagfree Update...LOL)

This updates adds so much content to it!

Firstly, we have a new add-on(Astronomic Expansion)
Which in its self is amazing anyways, but combine it with skyblock and basically its a modpack for the bedrock edition of minecraft!

Secondly I've added loads of new quests involving this add-on's new items etc...

And thirdly so much new trades,updated shops,new areas, a complete void(Special thanks to redstoner crafter),LUCKY CHESTS(they spawn 100% random loot everytime!)
And lastly some building improvements.

Here is the download link guys:-

The Creator Of The Great Addon:-
- @solvedDev

Special thanks to:-

[email protected] (Redstone Crafter)

Link to his channel:-

Thanks everyone for your help/suggestions

Now go and get skyblocking!!!


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  • Greg Added Everytime i try to open the chest it crashes