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MCPE S3D V4 256x Texture Pack | Best 3D Texture Pack For MCPE (Shaders, Animated Blocks, 3D Animals)

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►S3D Texture Pack is a Texture Pack made by starky. S3D Texture Pack will give a 3D look to almost all blocks in the game. The creator is still working on the texture pack and you can show support anything by joining the S3D Patreon. This video is about the latest version of S3D 4.0 I hope you'll enjoy.

Note: The texture pack is best played with shaders. Feel free to use a shader you prefer. I'll leave links to the shaders I used in the video.

*Watch on a high resolution for better details*


Cinematic Review 00:00
S3D 256x Texture Pack 1:07
Animated Blocks 2:46
3D Sun and Moon 3:02
Textured Armor 3:28
3D Mobs 3:42
S3D Custom Shader 4:01
Thanks for Watching 4:45
Thank You For 20,000 5:00

*Resources Used In Video*

S3D Pro V4 Texture Pack (256x)
S3D Custom Shader (Patreon Iron Membership)
Other Shaders: CSPE Old, VExZE, Bicubic.


►Buy S3D Texture Pack 4.0 and Custom Shader:

Note: Iron Membership will give you access till 256x resolution and a custom shader. Stone member Ship will give you access till 128x resolution. The items of S3D are available in old versions.

Created By: @Starky✏️

Please follow the rules of the creator. You are buying a paid texture pack and I hope you have a common sense about what you can and can't do. Please don't steal this work.

►Other Texture/Shaders Used in Video:

Old Versions of S3D: https://starky3d.weebly.com/

CSPE Lite (Old Version)

VExZE Shader: https://mcpedl.com/vexze-shaders/

Bicubic Shader: https://bicubic-shader.github.io/download/

Invisible Item Frame:

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MCPE Best Shaders For 1.16:

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►Music Credits:

♬C418 Aria Math FC Remix:

made by familycraft dad:

♬C418 Sweden X Wet Hands Mash Up (Synthwave)

Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate you for helping me reach 20k subscribers. I can not think about the future of this channel without you. I appreciate you for every second you have spend on my videos. Thank you so much ^_^

#mcpes3d #mcpe3dtexturepack #mcpeshaders

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